5 Advantages of Working with a Managed Service Provider

working with a Managed Service Provider

With the vast competitive advantages that technology can bring businesses today, keeping up your business’s IT should be a top priority.

But choosing the right IT team to keep your technology functioning smoothly can be difficult. For businesses, options usually consist of three choices: hiring in-house staff, using the services of a break-fix IT provider, or outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Each business will need to evaluate its own requirements and resources, but many find that working with a Managed Service Provider brings them the most benefits in cost savings, reliability, and overall productivity and efficiency.

Here are five advantages of working with a Managed Service Provider.

1. Greater Access to Resources

Working with an MSP means that you are liaising with an expert team that keeps up to date with new advances and has access to cutting-edge technology and resources.

When you are looking to streamline your approaches, having individuals with their ear to the ground will not just keep you ahead of the curve, it can greatly improve your bottom line. And instead of only being able to rely on the limited option of one or two internal IT employees, you have a full team of IT specialists backing you when you come across difficult-to-solve problems.

2. Decreased Risk 

Data breaches are not just more prevalent now than ever before, but they are also more costly. According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach in the US falls just short of a staggering $4 million. Even scaled down for small businesses, the financial losses caused by a data breach can result in losses that your business cannot recover from.

Many small to medium-sized businesses believe that they won’t be targeted by cyber criminals, but they actually make up a hacker’s target demographic because hackers know that smaller businesses usually do not have cyber defenses that are as robust as those used by larger enterprises.

Working with an MSP to increase your cybersecurity prospects will mitigate your risks of experiencing data breaches or worse. In addition, many MSPs have specialized knowledge to help you remain compliant in industries with specific security regulations such as HIPAA or CMMC.

3. More Time to Focus on Your Business

Working with the right Managed Service Provider gives you more time to focus on your business. The ever-changing landscape that is technology is difficult to keep up with, and when you’re preoccupied by inefficiencies in your systems or processes, that detracts from your ability to ultimately achieve your business goals. When you have a fully integrated technology system supported by an MSP, you can focus your efforts where it counts. This results in a far more productive and efficient company.

4. Reduced Costs

Outsourcing is the name of the game for modern businesses. Many companies choose to outsource their IT components due to the cost-effective nature of this solution.

When you work with an MSP, you have access to substantially more resources than you can receive from a single in-house employee, while still paying a lower price. Compared to the cost of staffing in-house employees, an MSP wins hands-down in the price department. Because outsourcing reduces overhead costs, not just in terms of staff, but in terms of the equipment, benefits, and more, it leaves you with a bigger budget to build your business in other areas.

And the best news is that your reduced costs don’t equate to reduced service. Although packages and services differ across Managed Service Providers, the resources of a company entirely dedicated to IT can provide you with all the day-to-day IT management you need.

5. An Invested Partner

Unlike the break/fix IT services of the past, where your IT provider only shows up to fix something once it’s broken, managed IT services take on a much more proactive approach to your technology. An MSP is invested in maintaining your systems because they don’t make more money if your systems break down and require repairs more; on the contrary, your success and your technology’s efficiency benefits your MSP, too.

Your Managed Service Provider will be a partner dedicated to helping you succeed through your technology. And with flexible options available, your MSP can also play a supporting role in your total IT strategy if you do have some internal staff but just need some extra support for tasks such as answering support tickets, taking on special projects, or creating a long-term technology strategy.

Outsourcing your IT to a reliable Managed Service Provider can give you peace of mind as you focus on your daily tasks without constant technology struggles, as well as equip you with a variety of other advantages that will increase your competitive advantage. For expert managed IT services that help you optimize your efficiency and productivity, contact Coronainfo today.